Lumina – the University of the South-East Europe of Bucharest assumes institutional quality culture as a means of achieving academic excellence in education and scientific research.

Starting from national regulations as to quality assurance in higher education (Law no. 1/2011 - National Education Law, Law no. 87/10.04.2006 regarding the approval of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 75/2005 on quality assurance in education, the Methodology, standards and baseline indicators on quality assessment of university study programmes and higher education institutions, approved by Government Decision no. 1418/2006) and based on the EU policy guidelines in the field of quality assurance in education ("Standards and European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in European Higher Education" developed by ENQA - European Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education), Lumina – the University of South-East Europe initiated specific procedures regarding the design and implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS).

As a first step to this goal, the bodies and functions related to the assessment and quality assurance have been set up and the main regulations and methodologies pertaining to the QMS in the university have been developed and endorsed by the Interim Body. Stage II aims to develop all procedures (system, operational, and working procedures) on which basis the teaching process and scientific research will function in the university, so that in the end the system might be subject to external evaluation by a recognized body with a view to certification.

The QMS structure is presented in the "Organizational Chart of the Quality Management System in LUMINA - the University of South-East Europe". In order to establish the organizational structure, responsibilities and specific activities related to quality assurance in UESEL was elaborated the "Regulation on the Evaluation and Quality Assurance in LUMINA – the University of South-East Europe".

In accordance with Law no. 87/10.04.2006 regarding the approval of GEO 75/2005 on quality assurance in education, at the level of the university was established the Evaluation and Quality Assurance Committee (EQAC). The composition and functions of this committee are governed by the "Regulation of the Committee for Evaluation and Quality Assurance in LUMINA - the University of South-East Europe".

At the university level, QMS is led by the Quality Assurance Coordinator who establishes, together with EQAC members, the objectives and priorities in the field of quality, pursues their being known and applied in the entire institution, allots QMS resources and verifies their proper use.

The EQAC activity is assisted by a specialized technical service – the Quality Assurance Department (QAD) - which has an executive role, implements EQAC decisions as to achieving quality management through action planning, organizing work teams for drawing up documents and personnel training concerning quality assurance. The structure and tasks of this department are established by the "Regulation on the Organization and Functioning of the Quality Assurance Department of LUMINA - the University of South-East Europe".

At faculty level QMS is headed by the Dean, who establishes at his / her level the strategy, policy, objectives, and priorities of the university in the field of quality, pursuing the knowledge and application in the faculty of both general aspects and of those specific to the faculty. The Dean's representative for QMS, vested with responsibility and authority with an eye to implementing, preserving and improving the QMS at faculty level, is the Faculty Quality Assurance Officer (FQAO). The Quality Commission (QC) is a working body playing at faculty level a similar role as the one played by EQAC at the level of the University.

The responsibility and therefore the authority related to the quality of all QMS processes at the level of the department belong to the head of department. He /she seeks to achieve the general and specific objectives regarding quality within the department, staff training, planning and conducting of evaluations / internal audits and self-assessments. The head of department appoints a Department Quality Assurance Officer (DQAO). His / her tasks are similar to those of the FQAO, but within the department. The head of department is assisted in decision making and planning specific activities as to evaluation and quality assurance by the Quality Team.

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