A Modern Campus

The university campus has, in addition to classrooms and laboratories, a conference hall, a 300-seat amphitheatre and a library. In the reading room of the library students have free access to the Internet by using its 22 computers. Meals are served in the restaurant which is equipped with its own kitchen, and students can enjoy a coffee or play table tennis on the outdoor patio. The new gymnasium offers students a multipurpose field (for basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc.), a sports hall for gym and wrestling as well as a fitness room. The building has a centralised air conditioning system, a surveillance system and wireless Internet access. The security of the campus is ensured by a private company.

Last generation equipment

Computer labs are equipped with cutting edge stations, while those of electronic with last generation equipment, also used in research activities. All labs and classrooms are equipped with projectors and Internet access, and in certain places interactive whiteboards can also be used. The equipment of the Physics lab allows the conduct of experiments in nine different areas. Mechatronics Laboratory is intended for research, but is at the same time the place where the Robotics Club of the university operates.

Competent teaching staff

Teachers are carefully selected and have as primary mission the student's personal development. The faculty is made up of teachers with outstanding contributions to their field of expertise, but comprises also teachers with a great potential who are at the beginning of their career. The teaching methods are oriented towards practical aspects and course supports are renewed annually. Every week each teacher allocates two hours to meet with his / her students and discuss the problems encountered.

Student Clubs

In order to truly develop students' character and skills they should be faced with real life situations which they will have to cope with after graduation. In our university there are several clubs where students can carry out their own projects and organise by themselves actions and events: the Robotics Club, Tea & Talk Club, Volunteering Club, Film Club, Photography Club or the students' magazine. In addition, students can come up with proposals as to the creation of new clubs.

Practice and internship

Our University offers its students a chance to integrate more easily into professional life through the partnerships established with renowned institutions and companies. Students can pursue practice stages and internships over extended periods of time, during which they form a basic experience in a real job. Many partners prefer to hire graduates who have conducted practical programmes in their company.

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