Department for Student Problems

Since college means more than classes and since our students are constantly involved in multiple activities (contests, volunteering, practice and internship, etc.) we have created a department that will listen to their wishes and will always give them the best guidance in order to carry out their plans. This Department can be found on the ground floor, room P61.


On hot summer days, students can socialise on the outdoor patio, while enjoying a coffee or playing table tennis. On colder days, they can meet in the Student Corner, a space intended for leisure and socialisation. In addition, we have arranged a fitness room where students can be trained by a personal trainer. The reading room of the library is equipped with 22 computers with Internet access which may be freely used by students. Wireless Internet access is available over the whole surface of the campus.

Student Clubs

To ensure the personal development outside the academic curriculum, we encourage students to become members of the existing student clubs or to found new clubs alongside their colleagues. They are constantly expanding with each group of students who discover a shared passion and a desire to explore a new field. The University supports these initiatives through consulting, PR, and can even allocate material resources to projects which help to increase the prestige of the university.

Student Corner

In the new Social Centre of the university since the summer of 2013 can be found a Student Corner, a space created just for students, which promotes the idea of university outside school hours. Here, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, students can play billiards, table football and table tennis, listen to music or simply chat over a coffee with other colleagues. The Student Corner also possesses a TV set to which laptops can be connected, two computers for e-mail and Facebook, as well as a meeting table for the members of student clubs.

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