The University Senate is made up of 75% teaching and research staff and 25% students' representatives. All members of the University Senate, without exception, are to be established by the universal, direct and secret vote of the all tenured teachers and researchers, respectively of all the students. Each faculty shall be proportionally represented in the University Senate as stipulated in the Charter of the university.

The University Senate shall elect, by secret ballot, a president who chairs the meetings of the University Senate and represents the University Senate in its relation with the rector.

The University Senate establishes specialized committees through which it controls the activity of the executive management of the higher education institution and of the Board of Directors. The monitoring and control reports are periodically presented and discussed in the University Senate underpinning the resolutions of the University Senate.

The University Senate represents the academic community and is the highest decision-making and deliberative body at the level of the university.


a. guarantees academic freedom and university autonomy;
b. formulates and adopts, after debate with the academic community, the University Charter;
c. approves the strategic plan for institutional development and the operational plans, at the rector's proposal;
d. approves at the proposal of the rector and in compliance with the legislation in force, the structure, organisation and functioning of the university;
e. approves the draft budget and budget execution;
f. elaborates and approves the Code for Quality Assurance and the Code of Ethics and Academic Professional Deontology;
g. adopts the university's Code of students' rights and obligations, in compliance with the provisions of the Code of students' rights and obligations;
h. approves the methodologies and regulations regarding the organisation and functioning of the university;
i. concludes the management contract with the rector;
j. controls the activity of the rector and the Board of Directors through specialised committees;
k. validates public competitions for holding functions in the Board of Directors;
l. approves the competition methodology and the results of competitions for hiring teaching and research staff and periodically evaluates human resources;
m. approves, at the proposal of the rector, the penalising of the personnel with poor professional performance, based on its own methodology and the legislation in force;
n. performs other duties, according to the University Charter.

The composition and size of the University Senate are set by the University Charter in order to ensure decisional efficiency and representativeness of the academic community.

The mandate of the University Senate is of 4 years. The term of office of a member of the University Senate is of 4 years, with the possibility of successively renewing it no more than two times. For students, the term of office shall be established by the University Charter.

The University Senate may be convened by the rector or at the request of at least one third of the members of the University Senate.

Current composition

  1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adrian Beteringhe, Information Technology Departament 

  2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Lucian Grigore, Information Technology Departament

  3. Lect. Dr. Eng. Adrian Diaconu, Information Technology Departament

  4. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Octav Macovei, Business Administration Departament

  5. Lect. Dr. Badescu Valentin, Business Administration Departament

  6. Assoc. Prof. dr. Ion Boboc, International Relations and European Studies Departament

  7. Lect. Dr. Radu Daniela, International Relations and European Studies Departament

  8. Lect. Dr. Florina Pirjol, Applied Modern Languages Departament

  9. Lect. Dr. Alexandru Matei, Applied Modern Languages Departament

  10. Lect. Dr. Marin Dramnescu, Sciences of Education Departament



  1. Mihaela Piuariu (Ormuz)
  2. Elena Nistor
  3. Constantin Voiniciuc
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