The Faculty of Engineering has six laboratories equipped with cutting edge technology, electronic devices produced by prestigious companies, both instrumentation and control systems and hardware platforms for the development of specific applications. All labs are equipped with computers, workstations, graphical stations and high-performance networks on which are installed licensed software packages, for general or specialised use.

Physics and Atomic Spectroscopy Lab

Laboratory platforms cover several branches of physics, such as wave optics (interference, polarization and diffraction of light), oscillations and mechanical waves (forced and maintained oscillations), longitudinal elastic waves (wavelength determination in the air in the case of acoustic waves). The most spectacular are those which are based on the Compton effect or the photoelectric effect (determining the Planck constant).

Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab

In this lab, students can design electronic circuits, printed circuit boards, electronic equipment and systems for analogue or digital signal processing. The main courses that are carried out in this laboratory are: Digital Integrated Circuits, Analogue Integrated Circuits, CAD techniques in designing electronic modules, etc.

Communication Systems Laboratory

This laboratory is dedicated especially to the students of the Department of Telecommunications Systems and Technologies who participate in the design, production and use of circuits and digital communication systems on various channels (wire, radio, microwave, optical fibre). The following courses organize laboratory activities: Microwaves, Data Communications, Optical Communications, Telephone Communication Systems, etc.

Electrical and Electronic Measurements Lab

In this lab the students of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences participate in activities related to the development, execution and coordination of testing, checking and evaluation of electronic and telecommunications systems, the design and operation of measurement and control equipment. Among the subjects hosted by the Laboratory of Electronics Bases we can cite: Measurements in Electronics and Telecommunications, Automation in Electronics and Telecommunications, Electromagnetic Compatibility, etc.


Coding and Information Security Lab

Addressed especially to the students from Information Technology, this laboratory facilitates the development of modern algorithms for processing and classifying information for the purpose of compressing information, protecting against perturbation and unauthorized access to the information contained in a message. The subjects that will be held in this laboratory include: Audio and Video Compression, Automatic Speech Processing, Communications and Information Security, etc.

Radio Communications Lab

In this lab, students can participate in the design and operation of fixed and mobile radio communications systems. These domains are studied using the following subjects: Radio Communications, Antennas and Radio Wave Propagation, Systems and Networks of Mobile Radio Communications, Systems and Broadband Communication Techniques, etc.


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