Today it has been organized, at UESEL, the 'FIRST STEP' projects contest, where two of the ICHB students (Andrei Negulescu and Ion Tudor) have participated, too. 
Their project is called 'Prosperity Through Fertility'.

We have had a conversation with Lect. Dr. Alexandru Cioaca (Lecturer of Computer Science at the University of South-East Europe Lumina, member of the 'FIRST STEP'jury) about this contest.  He has explained that there have been three sections: a) design b) interactive learning c) engineering, energy, environment. 'All projects have been very good, but we'd like to note the ICHB students' interest for ROBOTICS and ECO-BIO-TECHNOLOGY', has said Lect, Dr. Cioaca, who has emphasised that all projects have been very interesting. 

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