On February 18th, University of South-East Europe LUMINA hosted a remarkable cultural event. Scholars, journalists, publicists and students attended the official launch of "La revedere, patrie!" by Mazen Rifai, published at ARS LONGA. The book is shaped as a collection of essays and interviews, gathered and curated by the author while serving as a journalist in Syria. Obviously, the subject of this book is the gruesome civil war in Syria, the refugee crisis and the general state of unrest in the Middle-East. We salute Mazen Rifai's initiative at publishing first-hand impressions and stories from the affected region, in order to shed light on the real dimension of the tragedy, which sometimes is unperceivable to the Western world.
The book launch took place in the Aula Magna of UESEL and started at 18:00. The author was joined on the panel session by Prof. Dr. Huseyin Padem (President of UESEL) and distinguished guests from the academic sector such as Laura Sitaru (who wrote the preface of the book), Cleopatra Lorintiu, Mioara Roman, Antonio Momoc, Oreste Teodorescu and Dragos Stan.
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