Almost one hundred graduates from the LUMINA University of South-East Europe took part in the graduation ceremony organized at our school. This marked warm-hearted moments between the now former students and the teaching staff which guided their path through college.
The opening speech for the graduation ceremony was delivered by the President of our University, Prof. Dr. Huseyin Padem, who took the opportunity to extend warm wishes of success for the future careers of our graduates and an invitation to remember and cherish the human values learnt throughout school.
Following up came a truly emotional moment, as the top student from each class held their speech, to express gratitude in front of teachers and school staff, for continuous support over all undergraduate years.
The distinguished guests of the ceremony were mostly family and relatives of the graduates, as well as friends and their sophomore colleagues. Both members of teaching staff and graduate students followed a proper dressing code in ceremonial robes, as can be seen from the photos.
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