Art. 190 Exams (written or oral) preliminary examinations or permanent evaluation are compulsory ways of evaluating the students. Organizing exams or other evaluation tasks ass well as making compatible the examining system of the faculties with the system of transferable credits is the responsibility of the faculty’s boards and teaching department.

Art 191 Exams are established and held in sessions proposed by the faculty’s boards. The dates of the exams during a session are established by the students with the agreement of the professor in ordinary. On justified grounds and if required exams can be held after the established period or session with the dean’s agreement based on the agreement of the professor in ordinary.

Art 192 Passing exam is done according to the system of transferable credits specific to the faculty. The lowest grade for getting the credits allotted to each subject in the educational plan is 5 (five). The students have the right to take utmost 2 exams for each subject. The student’s absence at the announced date and hour for an exam implies giving up one of the 2 possibilities of passing the exam. If the student dose not pass an exam at one (or more) of the subjects he can ask to be enrolled again at the respective course (courses) and giving a new exam with played fee. in a case as such the professor in ordinary can ask the student to take part in all the activities and face all the existences required by the studding plan by the respective subject.

Art 193 Students can beneficiate on demand, supplementary exams for upgrading their mark with paid fees. The students can beneficiate for upgrading at the most 3 subjects. Exams for upgrading will be programmed within the sessions of failed exams.

Art. 194 The way of evaluating the students will be brought to their notice at the beginning of the semester together with the analytical curriculum of the subject. Each professor in ordinary of the course will informed about his demands and requirement with a view to presence at courses/seminaries, the students evolvement in discussions / debates, the degree of importance of elaborating reports essay, etc. It will also be specified the rate of the different forms of permanent evaluation in the final grade. It will also be indicated the type of final examination written, oral, exam, preliminary examination, etc. the examination will be held in the presence of the professor in ordinary of the course and the leader of the seminary.

Art. 195 Fraud during the exam will sanctioned with being suspended for a studying year. Repeating the offence is punished by expulsion. The examination board writes a minute of recording the fraud which is handed in to the faculty board. In the examination roll is specified next to the name of the student the word “fraud” .

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